Kunstvoller came to life back in 2009, initially existing as a figment of the founder’s runaway-imagination.

It's the result of overthinking, enthusiasm, restlessness, a contrarian nature, existential dread, ambition, reckless-creativity and wanting to make a difference. 

Seven years on (and two 'failed' attempts later) Kunstvoller is pulling likeminded people into a vehicle for living the lifestyle it promotes. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's here, it exists, and even if you couldn't see it, guess what? It would still be happening.

Kunstvoller is a rekindling of childhood dreams combined with adult experience. It started as (and remains) a personal project to achieve eternal yoof, go beyond the trivial, help others, be happy and live (at least part-time) in a Sex Van. 

The rest of it, the details, we’ll share them in good time. The best part of our story, that’s still being written . . . and it better involve you. 


Next up 3/6 >>> Supermundane Lifestyle Project