We're not like those parents who say they don't have a favourite child. Bullshit 🙄 

We're just fickle with our affections.

Float our boat and you could get your mush featured here. At least until we get bored of it 😘


Richard Black

what a kunst


This red-head has been our favourite a few times now. Each one of them undeserved.

You can follow him over on twitter: @gingersteps. We've used his old profile photo as we prefer not to see his eyes. You won't find him anywhere else 'cause (he thinks) he's too good to bother with any other social media.

Since he got his VW Sex Van, he's gone all up himself and goes by the name 'Mr.'  He'll pretend he doesn't like this attention, but he's a full on fame-hungry #T5Wanker. He'll drive owt and do owt to get people to notice him. 

He's alright though. We guess. 

Loves Kunstvoller. Proper.