The Kunstvoller vision is rather grand, and rightly so. Dreams are nowt if they don’t seem ridiculous to dullards. 

(Almost) anyone can join the Kunst Squad. This is the first official step on the ladder of implication. Depending on your aims and how much effort you put in, rewards and opportunities to immerse yourself increase as you climb the ranks. Whilst we're getting things running smoother than a baby's bum, membership is by invite only. If you want one, catch us somewhere, somehow, and ask. 

You see, there are stages to this cunning plan, so whilst we're busy scheming in the background, your help would be overwhelmingly-appreciated. Lets start with the basics. 

Firstly, we need to make sure people hear about Kunstvoller.

Any one of you can do this. Tell the right kind of people though. Don't be telling knobheads. Please, do what you can to spread the good word. Send them a link to this page, the site, our social media, whatever and however, just be an evangelical kunst and do our bidding for (with) us, won't you? 

Secondly, we're looking for the right people to collaborate and partner with too. We love working with others to get the best for everyone. It's also essential to get Kunstvoller to where we want it to be . . . however many years that takes.

Kunstvoller needs to work with other creative people, those who buzz off extreme sport­­ and those living supermundane lifestyles. The perfect description of the type of folk who are joining the Kunst Squad. Fancy that, eh?

We're always on the lookout for Kunst Squad potential, incl. artists; animators; athletes; enthusiasts; graphic designers; experts; craftspeople and those gifted with the gab.  People who could join our ranks as collaborators, contributors, technical masters, or even fill the higher grades and be part of Team Kunstvoller. When the time's right we'll reach out to those we spot with our sticky little fingers.   

"All we can offer at the moment is guilt or greatness by association."


Working as a collaborative-collective is more powerful than doing this on our tod, but hold your horseshoes before sending begging letters signed with blood and snot. We've got no money to pay you.

At the moment we're volunteers, investors of time, energy and money because we live, breathe and believe in the project. The Kunstvoller mission is the one we'll slide into our graves with. We have no problem with delayed gratification.

Think of this as us throwing some seeds into the wind. May as well put it out there now, 'cause if you're our way inclined you might want in on it too. If only one person feels even a smidgen of our enthusiasm – sees the potential Kunstvoller has – it may be the perfect-kind of 'match made in hell' that we know is coming. Karma or kismet, it's what we work for.  

Our emails are always open. Who knows, we could start doing mint things together . . . or end up in prison. Either, or. Sounds like fun doesn't it?!


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