If you don't know what the Kunst Squad is then you best go read this first. If you're already clued up, good, it shows you're not one of baaahing dullard masses.

Sorted? Right, add yourself to the map below. It's not exactly a chore. You can add as much or as little detail as you like. Addresses do not show up. Just pick somewhere close by if you're that worried. Photos, social media accounts and some (relevant) details of what you're into would be nice. Hard to connect with someone if you know nowt about them*.

Once you're done making the effort, get your arse out there, run free (or at least get typing and sharing) and do your best to help spread the good Kunstvoller word.

Friendly warning. If you add yourself to said map and a) clearly made no effort; b) have zero interaction and vanish like a thieving infidel, or; c) we've reason to believe we'll never hear from you again, then you'll be deleted.

Harsh? Not at all. We pay the bills and we're not interested in names on here for shits and giggles. We want genuine folk who're looking to be part of the Supermundane Lifestyle Confederacy. Not time wasters or bullshitters. Fairy snuff? 

*Please note, we are not a dating service, but fuck it, you never know.