Bolshy Kunsts ≠ Supermundane Lives

"The Kunst Squad is the Supermundane Lifestyle Confederacy. Conspired for kunsts not sheeple, it's a subversive-cesspool of celebration, knowledge and artful-enticement into extreme sports, living dangerously and being a ledgebag.

This is the place for people who get shit done."  




Our goal is to nurture this into a dirty decentralised-community, a fellowship for people with a passion for life, creativity and the commitment to pursue their dreams. For now, we're mollycoddling it to get the foundations right, growing it alongside Kunstvoller, the business arm that'll support it. 

There’s some mint people on board already. Anyone can say they're a kunstfederate, a kunstrade, a kunst a.k.a member of the Kunst Squad. So, whether we've met you yet or not, if this is sounding like something you're into, saunter on over and add your sexual-self to the Kunst Map. We're tracking where everyone's at in a non-creepy way. It helps with our wider plans, and the map itself will be put to use in the near(ish) future. Good things and all that.


If you're not just 'anyone', or more so, you want to go all in, then you know what you got to do? Enlist as an Official Kunst. You'll need to get through the application process first. This is the filter point where only ze best get through. No apologies. If you're at "pissing rainbows" levels of lucky you'll be recruited to the Kunst Squad ranks and thus begins your journey up the "Ladder of Implication".

What's the benefits of signing your life away? Are you daft?! You'll gain exclusive access to apparel, along with updates and info for kunsts eyes only. When the magic starts happening, it's the Official Kunsts who'll get first dibs and the bestest rewards. It's such early days there's still time to be really smug that you we're here first. Not first, first, but second first at least. And well before we had to turn celebrities away and go into hiding.  

For now this is free gratis whilst we're testing stuff out. In the near future a fee will apply, with stickers, service cards and recruits only Kunst Squad garb available. We know what's coming and we're looking forward to drowning ourselves in all the kunsty goodness *drools*.

You don't have to make it official, but, if you want to truly be part of the confederacy (we don't like half-arsed)  – and help with our mission's virtuous back-scratching endeavours – then that's what you need to do. Have a bit of commitment about you. Get to it, sausage.