Here you can find a quick reference guide to all shipping related questions.  That's the idea anyway.  Shipping rates, delivery times and the dreaded 'missing or damaged items' are all covered here.  

If we've forgotten about something you need to know, give us a shout via our contact form and we'll answer your prayers. 



  1. Orders are usually processed and shipped within 4 days (Standard dispatch days are Tuesday and Saturday).
  2. We use ‘Royal Mail Signed For’ 2nd Class service for our standard shipping.
  3. Good old Royal Mail aims to deliver within 3 working days,  they say so on their website. Most of the time they make it, but we all know 'aims' are just that.  Given the possibility for delays (glorious British weather, mischievous postal gremlins, or overworked postmen) please allow, worst case scenario, up to 15 working days for your order to arrive.
  4. We aim to have all goods advertised on the site available for dispatch.  If shipping times vary for any reason (e.g. pre-orders) you will be notified on the item listing or by email.
  5. We’ll send you an email confirmation when your order has been dispatched. This will be sent to the email address stated on your order so fingers crossed there were no typos.  That’s our usual trick . . . doh!
  6. First Class & Special Delivery options are available to UK residents.  They cost a bit more, but if you’re feeling flash or need your stuff in a hurry then we’re happy to oblige.  Just send us a message so we can arrange.


  1. We’ve opted for the Royal Mail Tracked & Signed For service for european and international orders
  2. As stated on the Royal Mail site, they aim to deliver within Europe in 2-5 working days and 5-7 for worldwide deliveries .  That’s pretty impressive really.  No such thing as long distance Carrier Pigeons nowadays.  Even with such modern means, sometimes delays happen.  As rare as it is, we must advise you to allow up to 20 working days for your order to arrive in Europe, and 25 working days if you're somewhere else in this beautiful world.  
  3. Delivery times may vary depending on the destination country.  Not just because some are further away either.  Interesting that.
  4. All parcels will require a signature on delivery.  It protects you, and us, to ensure that the intended person gets hold of your Kunstvoller haul. 
  5. Your parcel may be returned to us if there is nobody to sign for it and / or it cannot be delivered. In this event, it may be returned to us and additional postage costs will apply for us to resend the item.  Trust us, neither of us wants this to happen, but more so you ‘cause you’ll be the one out of pocket.  It's best to get someone, with nothing better to do, to sit at home and wait for it. 
  6. Import Duty / Taxes: Some countries charge duty / taxes on imported goods. You are responsible for these charges, so it is worth checking out what costs may apply before ordering. If you don’t pay the money due, then the parcel will be returned to us.  Whilst we will refund the cost of the goods, we will deduct any charges or shipping costs incurred during transit back to us.  This can result in you forfeiting your refund, as sometimes those additional charges are equal to, or greater than, the amount you paid for the goods in the first place.  This is a bad situation all round as we both end up out of pocket.  Neither of us wants that!
  7. More detailed information is available in our Terms of Trade Policy which lives right here.  We know you'll have studied it in detail already, along with all of our Terms and Conditions, but please have a recap on points: 8. Pre-Orders; 10. Inspection and Acceptance of Goods; 13. Returns and Cancellations.    


UK Only

Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class

Envelope (e.g. 3 sticker packs) – £1.89

Parcel Flat Rate £3.95



Small Envelope (e.g. 3 sticker packs) – £1.55

Royal Mail Tracked and Signed 

Small Parcel (e.g. 1-2 t-shirts) – £9.55

Medium Parcel (e.g. hoodie / hoodie + t-shirt) – £10.15

Large Parcel (e.g. 2 x hoodies+) – £11.10

Extra Large Parcel (e.g. 3 x hoodies+) – £13.55




Small Envelope (e.g. 3 sticker packs) – £2.25

Royal Mail Tracked and Signed

Small Parcel (e.g. 1-2 t-shirts) – £10.55

Medium Parcel (e.g. hoodie / hoodie + t-shirt) – £12.90

Large Parcel (e.g. 2 x hoodies+) – £15.40

Extra Large Parcel (e.g. 3 x hoodies+) – £19.65


Lost or Missing Goods

  1. If an item we’ve dispatched does not arrive please contact us using the My Order form so we can look into it.  We can’t afford tracking devices at the moment, but luckily the Royal Mail Services we’ve picked do that work for us.
  2. Although Royal Mail usually do a sterling job of getting parcels to eager UK recipients within 3-5 working days, and 5-7 days for the rest of the world, they do say to allow for up to 15 working days in the UK, 20 working days for Europe and 25 for the rest of the world before an items is officially missing.  As the clock strikes midnight on that day, your parcel doesn't turn into a pumpkin, your parcel is declared well and truly lost. 
  3. It's up to you if you'd like a replacement sending out at no extra cost (we want to see, or at least know, you will be posing with whatever you order so we hope you choose this option) or a refund. Whatever makes you happiest. 

Goods Damaged In The Post

  1. In the unlikely event your order has been damaged whilst winging its way to you . . . how soddin' annoying! Please let us know using the My Order form. If we were magical we’d definitely send a force field of protection with your order.  Because we're not we make do with saying a prayer and sending things insured.  
  2. We may need you to return the parcel to us if Royal Mail requests it.  We’ll refund you the return postage if this is the case.
  3. You can choose to have a replacement sent out at no extra cost (subject to the Goods being in stock) or to receive a full refund.