Kunstvoller is the Supermundane Lifestyle Collective and the original Supermundane Lifestyle Project (S.L.P). It's a company, a confederacy and a lifelong affair.  

A supermundane lifestyle is a rare type of existence that surpasses the status quo. It's the antithesis of a dull life. Whilst available to everyone, it's only seized by people who truly know there's more to life than the 'norm' . . . and it's only obtained by those prepared to live dangerously and fully commit to chasing their dreams in the here and now.

"Confess. Conspire. Create. Cultivate"


As a project, Kunstvoller is about filling our (dream) boots. It combines everything we adore, so we can make money to help other people fill theirs too. We're plotting and prepping to assist people to define, share and pursue their own S.L.P's. It's all part of a conjoined effort to exploit the time we spend inhabiting our meat bodies. 

This is an adventure. We’re enjoying creating and encouraging each other to reach our potentials, ergo, be legends in our own minds. Who knows where it will lead. It's all part of our passion for enhancing life  . . . or Naked Improvement as we've come to call it.

It's turning into one virtuous orgy of back-scratching bliss. 


Next up 4/6 >>> Naked Improvement